Thursday, March 21, 2013

B Men: 10 Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

1. Not being honest

-When you lie about even the smallest things, she will start to question everything you've ever told her.

-Lies make people feel betrayed, which will build resentment.

-You make think it will be bad being upfront with her, but when she finds out that you weren't honest with her (We assure you she will find out) it will be way worse.

2. Taking her for granted

-Show & tell, you have to 'show' her that you appreciate her, and 'tell' her.

-It's easy to fall into a rut, when all those things that you used to love that she did for you, become normal or even expected.

-You guys sometimes forget, that even though you may have told her many times before, that you appreciate A, B and C.  She needs to hear it again, in order to feel valued!

3. Avoiding confrontation

-One of the 'biggest mistakes' men make!

-Avoiding it, gives her more time to think up reasons to be mad at you. You're pretty much guaranteed, that 
she's making mountains  out of mole hills.

-A certain amount of disagreements in relationships is healthy, the faster you talk to her about it and solve the problem, the faster you can move on from it.

4.  Ego/pride/stubborn

-There is no room for any of these in your relationship, pick your battles, don't be afraid to surrender SOMETIMES.

-The only purpose that they serve, will be to come between your relationships, and guarantee that you're going to wind up single.

-Standing up for you beliefs is fabulous, being a stubborn ass makes you just that "a stubborn ass!"

5. Failing take the lead/ giving your balls away

- Letting her hold all the power is a mistake, she will lose respect for you. It's about give and take, 100/100.

-'Defined roles' even in these changing times are key, as the man, you're expected to lead, and it's her job to play the supporting role. (*Disclaimer* Ladies, letting him lead is how human nature works..that doesn't make you inferior)

-Don't abuse your power, you need to find middle ground. Leading doesn't mean controlling every aspect.

6. Not making her your bestfriend

- Your woman needs to be your #1 confidante.

-She needs to be, your safe place to land.

-She needs to know, it's you and her against the world.

7. Not sharing your feelings

-I get we're women, we know everything, but we 'need to hear' on a regular basis, from your lips.

-Remember the last words you told her, because that could be the last thing that either of you hear, don't leave it to chance.

-Life is short, make sure she always 'knows' how you feel.

8. Thinking your "Prince Charming" moments last forever

-That's equivalent to us thinking; that last month's blowjob, is gonna  cover this month as well!


-Still laughing...that never gets old!   haha

9. Not listening to her

-Women NEED to feel heard!

-Women need to feel validated.

-Respect her opinions, even if you don't agree.

10. Not making time for just her

-Your physical presence, doesn't count if you aren't present!!!!

-Making time for just her, this makes her feel special.

-Who wouldn't, wanna spend time with their bestie?! ;)

We love your questions, keep them coming. More posts like this one in the future!

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  1. Good Article. This article can be the opposite way,but i like how your bashing the men. I think there are too many men that only want to have a women for there own pride. Women are humans too and its important for them to be heard.

    Keep up the good work BBB

  2. Another way for a guy to kill a relationship is ignoring the lady and checking out others. Yes, men and women do check out each other,but its not cool when you really like that special someone. If a man really likes that special lady then the man should focus on the special lady. This example relates to the late 2009 Tiger Woods story. Woods was married,but was having other relationships with women. NOT COOL! He had a child and shame on Tiger!

    My Tiger Wood comments relate to section
    1. Not being honest
    6.Not making her Tigers best friend
    9. Not listening to her
    10. Not making time for her.

    This article is making me think :)

  3. Thank you Nathan, for the comment. :)

    No we aren't bashing men, this is our B Men post so it is for men, and we are simply saying "these are the mistakes that men make, so.they know what NOT to do"

    We do have other articles for the ladies as well, we choose to be clear, concise and informative.

    Thanks again for the great comments Nathan! :)


  4. Thank you again Nathan! :)

    That is excellent..and why we write "we want people to talk about & think about the topics" and how they relate to them in their life. :)

    Awesome comments Nathan, thank you!

    Have a great day.