Thursday, December 18, 2014

BBB Christmas Challenge For YOU!

With only 6 days left until Christmas 2014 commences...we decided that it was a perfect time to throw out a challenge.

This all came about after a experience that we had a few days ago...

As Britt and I were waiting for our other B in a parking lot, about 10 pm. We noticed a young guy, limping across the parking lot, a distance that we could've walked in about 1 minute flat, it took him at least 4 mins and 40 seconds, how do I know this? Sam Smith...I'm Not The Only One was playing, as we watched from our nice comfy warm vehicle, heat and speakers blasting. It was a chilly night with a blustery cold wind blowing. As I sat watching him go across the parking lot, yarding up his jeans with one hand, that looked to be a couple size's too big for him. I wondered if they were his or if he'd actually just lost that much weight, he would occasionally stop to bend over as in stomach pain.

My thought process began, 'wow that guy looks to be in bad shape, poor guy, the longer I watched him the further my thought process carried next thought was "he is someone's son, I wonder if his mom knows where he is and that he's out here in this cold, looking so destitute. Where was his family, didn't they care about him, did they know?" He must be cold, he was dressed in a winter coat, gloves and carried a backpack on his back. The longer I watched my though process changed, I began to wonder what his perspective would be... here sits 4-5 vehicles blasting out hot air, the occupants nice and toasty warm, and yet no one gave a damn to the distress that he was obviously in. That's NOT okay with me...I started deducting the thoughts, I could give him a ride somewhere so he didn't have to try walking, the wind was so cold. I figured that probably wouldn't be the best idea I've ever had because I didn't know this guy at all, it may have put us in an unsafe position for him to be in our vehicle. My next thought was money, we can give him some money, he seemed to be heading to the fast food restaurant across the street. I pitched the idea to Britt, she agreed.

We drove up to him slowly, putting down the window, I had already dug out pretty much all the cash that I was carrying in my purse. We stopped beside him, suggesting that "he go get something to eat and a coffee, to get out of the wind" the face looking back at us was unshaven, probably for a few months, sunken in cheek bones and a tuft of brown hair poking out from his toque (it's a Canadian thing... ha!) Being that close to him I could see that he was perhaps in his early 20's. He took the money graciously, thanking us very intensely wishing us a Merry Christmas, and the encounter ended, him with a renewed vigour in his gait heading to get a warm drink and some food in his belly.

We didn't know his story, have never seen him before and probably won't see him again. What turned out to be the hardest for me was, what if he was rightfully having as bad of luck or as bad of a time in his life that he appeared to be? Does he wonder where our humanity has gone, that we sit and watch another human being in such disarray, completely ignoring, looking blindly past while another human being is having such a hard go at it? Is that what we've come to, we just don't give a damn?! We aren't any different than any other human being, we didn't do it to talk about it or write about it....I am writing about it right now, simply to issue a challenge...ya  YOU!!!!!

If you see someone that seems to be down on their luck, having a tough go at life, is it really too much of a burden to give them some money, to grab a warm meal or even a coffee, to get out of the cold? No one should have to beg, to get a meal, nobody 'wants' to have to ask for help, that's one of the toughest things to do.  Supply them with some warm clothes, boots, gloves or some food.
Be grateful for those material things that you possess, food,  a vehicle, a warm house and Christmas presents under the tree..BUT most importantly be grateful to the people that you have to share it with!

The BBB Challenge to you...if you see someone in need, help them in whatever way that you can. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

B Fit: Setting A Standard For New People You're Dating

Ahh the audition process that we call dating, finding a new person to become a part of your life can be great, this person could possibly become a lasting participant in your life, that's exciting. With that in mind, the dating process requires somewhat of a training for this new person. When someone new comes into your life they're finding out everything from your favorite foods, to your standards. When someone new comes into your life you get a fresh start to set standards, by setting standards, you are showing this new person what is and isn't ok with you.
Have you ever broke up with someone for a reason that you knew from the start was an issue, but for whatever reason you stuck it out?

Setting standards/boundaries early on and FOLLOWING THEM THROUGH, allows you to weed out the people you don't truly want in your life early on. It saves you form catching all those feelings which will make it even harder to let go later on.

Setting standards early on in dating involves a bit of tact. When you're in a relationship with someone, you can easily tell them what your problem is, in a more comfortable manner, but dating is with someone you don't know as well. With that being said, you also want to be honest and upfront. Understand that when you allow things or behaviours that you don't like early on, you are saying via your actions "It's ok". Setting standards isn't always the easiest thing, but with practice it gets easier and more instinctual. Sometimes setting these standards means walking away, it always means being willing to 'walk away' if need be.

You run into problems when you quickly attach to the new person, getting so busy seeing the future that you ignore the early problems. Setting standards requires knowing that if a situation wasn't right, you'd walk away. See our self love articles.

Firstly, its starts with this person doing something that you don't like, something that if it persisted it wouldn't be ok with you.

Secondly, you decide a plan of action. Some issues can only be dealt with by speaking on them, other issues require immediate actions that whether directly or indirectly states "this isn't ok". The severity and tactic you use to show that whatever they did isn't ok, is dependent on a few factors; how long you've been seeing the person, the severity, whether what they did is simply a behavioural issue or a deep rooted problem and whether this person is worth the trouble of domesticating them. (haha)

Have you ever heard the saying "give them an inch, they'll take a mile" I'm sure you have. As humans we're good at this one, at taking a mile once given an inch. Even the best of people have taken their fair share of extra when given some.  The person that takes a mile after being given an inch, isn't a bad person, they are human. You however, have the obligation to yourself to stop the person before they take a mile. You are in control of your own situation, it would be easy to blame another person for taking as much as you gave them.

Understand that it's your responsibility to show people what is and isn't OK with you. You get to choose, whether to accept mediocrity from people in your life or whether to draw a line in the sand, encouraging people to step up or step out. There's many people on this earth, there is someone out there that will fit with you, rather the belief in soul mates renders true for you or not is your prerogative, but understand that there isn't a shortage of people. If someone isn't right for you, let them go, for them and you, you need to.  If you set a standard early on, weeding out those who don't fit with you,  will save a lot of time and hurt.

For you, you need to decide what is and isn't ok, a lot of which you will find out when you are hit with the situation and that's ok. Trust those initial gut feelings. If something doesn't feel good, address it in a tactful manner that allows you to get your point across.

Do you have a similar situation you are contemplating or would like us to help you set your standards? Email us, tell us why you need our help.

Monday, December 15, 2014

B Beautiful: The NEW Dating Rule

Okay, this isn't a new rule, but one that over  time and years people seem  to have forgotten about or regarding it simply void, due to changing times 

This dating rule is that 'dating' is only 

Although, it's a constitutive step in your climb to a relationship, it's where you get to know the person, before you become heart blind/love blind to them.
 (Heart/love blind, not a bad thing at all, when you're with the right person) 

 You meet a great person that you see an extreme amount of potential with, your imagination starts working overtime,  you begin to envision a bright future. You form an attachment to what 'could' be, you develop a' want' for 'that' person, which grows like wildfire. Like/lust take over your mind, your  emotions, you have strong feelings for this person, you can't get them out of your head, and really why would you?! So you must be past the just dating level, right?

You can like someone, and you should,( hard to believe that some people don't really like/enjoy the person that they're dating) so liking someone should be a prerequisite to dating and a relationship. Which means  dating for social status, money, or to be the envy of your friends, isn't considered to be actually 'liking' someone, or classified as dating for the right reasons.

Just because you embark on a few dates with a person, that doesn't mean that they are the B all...end all, to your dating life.  Not every person that shows an interest in you, will be for you. B choosey,  don't waste your time or theirs, if they aren't for you.

The common causes for this are
(Drum Roll Please)

Not Having The Dating Attitude 

What is the dating attitude you ask? 

Those in search of the instant gratification of a relationship aren't fans of this one. (I'm not done with these people yet, see below)

Well the dating attitude is the one that expresses no major attachments because this 'situation' could end at any time, any commitment to each other is very mild, if it goes downhill at this point you know there is plenty of other options. Depending on the duration of your dating, you may still even be seeing and meeting other people. 

This isn't saying the dating attitude means you need to play a whole bunch of games, becoming a devious/calculated dater, but that you don't form the relationship attitude, rules and behaviour too early on.

The dating attitude also means the other person doesn't have an obligation to you, both people still hold the same freedom they did before (until both parties agree otherwise).  

Being Attached To The Idea Of A  Relationship

This could be because of pressure from society, friends, family or boredom and loneliness.  
We live in a society that get a little relationship hungry at times, the idea of being in/having a relationship  is what fuels a person. This leads a person to want to skip over the dating part, because the gratification they want, comes in the form of a relationship.  

There are special cases and exceptions to this... as there is for everything. Some relationships/connections are instant, in which the dating process is sped up or skipped. This is in special cases, it also needs to be an equal desire from BOTH parties.

Dating isn't a bad thing it takes patience, time and a desire to actually take part in the dance of mingling your life with another person. Dating is meant for you to discover if you really want to be with this other person, testing your compatibility. Despite what it feels like it's saves you time versus wasting your time.

Sometimes you're going to have failed dates or dating experiences, it's nothing to be ashamed of or put down by. That's just the way it works, you're going lose people you really like, because the connection wasn't right or lack of relationship compatibility, but that is no excuse to disregard dating as a much needed step. 

Instead of dreading this process, EMBRACE it! Don't be in a rush to find or settle into a relationship. When you're meant to find or take that next step to a relationship you will. The state of dating is only a temporary step, but it's an important one at that. It's about getting to know the other person, do they have the qualities/traits that you desire in another person? Dating should be a process of elimination, until you find someone that you would like to get to know better,  that feels the same way about you. That's a very vital component, that can't be over looked.

Dating shouldn't be about settling; out of sheer loneliness, cuffing season, or  the person that will 'do' for now. These seem logical enough, but it doesn't mean that people don't get caught up in them, time moves quickly before you know it, you've invested in the person and the relationship. Life happens. 

Dating teaches us what we want/don't want in relationships and other people, there is a lesson in everything when we choose to look. It's the opportunity to get to know the other person, for them to get to know you. Don't be in a rush, ever, really when it comes to choosing a partner, it's one of the most significant decisions that you will make in your lifetime, and it all starts with dating.

Don't give up on dating until you find someone that adds to your life, instead of taking away from it. B conscientious of who you are, knowing what you want/need and who you allow into your life.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

B Men: BBB Gift Guide: What To Buy Her

We at BBB want to make sure you buy that special woman in your life, the perfect gift! Our highly anticipated Christmas Gift Guide is back for the 3rd time. Enjoy!

It Wears Well... ;)
Prices Vary

Is she a temptress or a romantic? Is she a free spirit or a minimalist?

This is the greatest way there is to navigate buying her lingerie for Christmas. Victoria's Secret has made lingerie shopping easy, simply choose the category that most represents the woman that you're with and her style. The nice thing about VS is that if the woman that you love enjoys lingerie, it's hard to go wrong, it's all so right.

We also enjoy the runway inspired looks...

BBB Tip: Figure out all her sizes, look in her closet, her drawers, write them down before you do any shopping.

The Gift That Keeps Giving...

It wouldn't be a BBB Gift Guide without something naughty to make her and your Christmas interesting...

Lelo offers some of the most revolutionary sex toys available, ones for her and one's for you both as a couple.  This is their best sellers in a convenient list of 8 with descriptions of each. Lelo also offers intimate apparel and other nicely put together gift sets. Take your pick...

The "Eva"
The first hands free, strap free vibrator for women and couples.
It isn't out yet...BUT...we think these ladies are onto something! Estimated delivery date is May 2015 for U.S. customers. The reviews are excellent on this new revolutionary product.


We love this Michael Kors watch, this watch with its classic look and gorgeous presentation will make many women smile this holiday season. Watches aren't just for telling time, they are part of a look and this one would be a great addition to any woman's wardrobe.

Treat Her Like A Queen
Pre-Planned Date

This is classic to any BBB gift guides when it comes to treating your woman like the queen she is. Whether you're dating, engaged, married or married with children, you can't really go wrong with this gift. 

Women stress about plans and the list that is constantly running in their heads. Take charge, plan a date night for just you two, let her know that you've taken care of it all. Make the reservations, get the tickets, call the babysitter (If needed) and just hand her the invitation.

BBB Tip: Go the extra mile and buy her a new dress to attend this date night.

Why stop there...make this extra special by turning this into a mini vacation by reserving a hotel room along with a couples spa package. You can even set up a mini spa in your own home with candles and a bubble bath. Don't fear getting creative!

You know your woman, you know exactly what she wants in a date night and how to impress her.

For the Woman That Is A 'Do It Yourselfer'

 Massage Bar Recipe, perfect for those body massages, or use it after your bath as you would any lotion.
Makes 4 massage bars. Use a microwave to melt all oils and waxes. You will need a microwave safe dish. A silicone mold or cupcake tray. Measuring spoons.

6 Tablespoons of Bee's Wax
4 Tablespoons of Cocoa Butter
2 Tablespoons of Shea Butter
4 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil ( you can substitute with any oils that you love)
4 Tablespoons of Almond Oil
4-6 drops of Essential oil

You can also add rose pedals, any dried thinly sliced fruit, almonds, coconut, or cocoa nibs
(vanilla, jasmine, grapefruit, sandalwood, patchouli, rosemary, lavender... basically any oil that you enjoy. You can also look up the health benefits for essential oils and use the ones that fit your needs) Be sure that the essential oils that you choose are therapeutic grade, so they are safe to use on the skin.  

Mix all oils and waxes together. Pour into the silicone mold until it sets up, then refrigerate in the mold until it's completely solidified.

Wrap separately and store in a cool dry place.

You can find all the ingredients for these bars on if you are Canadian. or any trusted online site that sells natural products.
You can get different silicone molds from above mentioned sites or try Etsy.

Our Most Loved Lush Products

ANY woman whether it be your wife/girlfriend/best friend/sister/mother or even mother-in-law will love you even more if you include Lush in your gift or make it the "it" gift of the season. We've been Lush users for years, we've tried probably 90% of their products, and offer you our absolute favorites, for your gift giving consideration. You can order online, or check to see if you have a Lush store in your neighbourhood. You will get tons of accolades from all the women in your life! We will give you our favorite products because there is a huge selection and it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out all the scents, online or even in person. When you walk into a store, all the delicious smells can be a little overwhelming. Lush products are handmade, they aren't tested on animals, and don't come in a lot of packaging to fill up landfills. The scents truly are heavenly, they use natural scents so they are never overpowering, or too strong.

P.S. We've introduced almost as many men as we have women to Lush, so don't be surprised if you find yourself stealing the products because the scents are that amazing!

Bath Bombs
 Prices range from $4.95-$6.95 per bomb.
Once experiencing a bath bomb from Lush you will never want to bath without one.

Our favorites:
Sakura...scented with Mimosa & smells of fresh laundry.
Sex Bomb...Jasmine
Twilight...Lavender & Tonka
Honey smells like honey & caramel/toffee
Dragons Egg...bergamot &  Lightly Citrus scent
Pink...Lavender & Vanilla
   Rose Queen...scented like roses
Golden Wonder...Citrus & Champagne
Cinders...Cinnamon it crackles like a fire
Butterbear...Vanilla scented
Father Christmas...Gardenia & Citrus
Lush Pud...Lavender/Gardenia/Citrus

Bubble Bars
range from $5.95 to $8.95 each
Who doesn't love a bubble bath?! You will find you become a scentologist learning to pair your bath bombs with the bubble bars to create the most unique scents to your own personal likes.

Our favorites:
Christmas Eve...Jasmine & Ylang Ylang
Candy Mountain...smells like candy & Vanilla (Same scent as the GodMother Soap)
Magic Wand... sweet like candy (reusable bubbles) (Same as the Snow Fairy soap)
The Comforter...fruity Black Current
A French Kiss...Lavender
Creamy Candy...sweet candy
Pop In The Bath...Bergamot & Citrus
Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds...Patchouli & Frankincense (a lot of men love it with the Sakura bath bomb as well) ;)
Dorothy...Ylang Ylang & Orange flower Absolute
Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon...Chocolate/Orange scent
Rose Jam Bubbleroon...Rose scented
Green Bubbleroon..Bergamot/Lime/Juniper Berry

Handmade Soaps
Start at $6.95 - $7.95 per 100 grams

The Godmother...sweet Cotton Candy

The Sultana of Soaps...a creamy Bergamot & fruity scent

Sandstone...Lemon scent with sand in the soap...for exfoliating in the shower

Honey I Washed The Kids..Honey & Toffee scented (same scent as "It's Raining Men" shower gel)

Dirty...for you guys..a minty herbal scent (it smells fabulous)

Shower Gels
100 ml $9.95/ 250 ml $18.95/ 500 ml $28.95

It's Raining Men...Honey & Toffee

The Olive Branch...Mandarins & Bergamot

Flying Fox...Jasmine scented

Dirty...for you guys again :)

Lip Scrubs
Are made from sugar, they smell and taste amazing, for exfoliating lips.

Bubblegum...just like bubblegum

Mint Julip...Peppermint & tastes like peppermint

Hair Products
We all have natural long hair that is in amazing shape, a lot of the thanks goes to Lush hair care products. Shampoo bars do require a tin which you can purchase for $3.95, we let our shampoo bars air dry, before securing them in tins.
R&B..leave in conditioner...lightly Jasmine scented. $22.95

Shampoo Bars
are either $10.95 or $11.95

Jumping Juniper...Lavender



Karma Komba..Citrus/Lavender/Jasmine


Lush also has a huge selection of Christmas gifts, that come pre-wrapped, with a selection of products in them.
They range from $15.95 all the way up to $259.95

This list is products that we love and use on a daily basis, we only share things that we love/use or would love to have. All the products that we've shared are in U.S dollars. There is an American, Canadian and of course the original UK version of Lush online. Check for the availability of ground shipping dates in your area, to make sure you receive it before Christmas. :)    

We at B Love B Fit B Beautiful Inc are not affiliated with any of the above companies or products.