Thursday, August 28, 2014

B Men: 10 Mistakes You Could B Making In Your Relationship

Ahh men, we "Love You" and we truly mean it! You're amazing creatures, you can tend to do a couple things that get on our last nerves. No, we aren't referring to your smart ass remarks or your disturbing jokes, involving gross bodily functions. We're referring to some more serious things, you may not even realize you're doing, but they could be harming your relationship. Relationships aren't easy for anyone, nobody has a magic 8 ball, we don't come with instruction manuals (not that you would read them anyway! Ha!;)  every relationship is different, but these are the consistent complaints that we hear from women.

B Consistent

This is so key with women, if you aren't consistent you send mixed signals. Mixed signals will not only have her questioning the whole situation, but it will make life a lot harder for you. There's a difference between busy and lack of consistency, you can be the busiest person in the world, yet remain consistent. If you want to stay in the situation, make that known, actions always  speak louder than words. If a woman always gets words, with no actions, pretty soon the words become meaningless.

 Don't Make Her Guess...About Anything

 Yes we are grown, we can ask questions, but when it comes to how you feel and important information, you need to communicate that to us. If she is important to you, don't leave her in the dark. Anything from what's upsetting you, to work stresses, life stresses,  your angry at her or simply saying "I love"  we NEED to hear about it. Nobody should have to guess, about anything!

Have Your Life Together

No one person is perfect, we all have things that we're dealing with at any given time, life is messy. There isn't such thing as perfect,  we definitely don't expect that, BUT you should have your life together enough, as to not burden the other person.

Careful With Comfort

It's inevitable, you will get comfortable, you should get comfortable around your significant other, but you need to be very careful that you're still being attentive, there isn't room for complacency, she will surely follow in your lead. Comfort brings less compliments, less manners and less special time for you both to connect. Women need to feel as though they're still what makes your world go round, like when it was fresh and new. Think of one way a day that you can remind her that you're crazy about her, one way a day to make her feel special. The same as you like to be appreciated,  made to feel that she supports you, and loves you unconditionally.

Having the attitude that "it's easier to ask for forgiveness, than it's to ask for permission!" We aren't saying that "you have to ask for permission" you all know those things or topics, that you would like her to talk about with you, before she goes out and does them.

^ This is a terrible idea, what 'man conference' did ya'll get this from? Do you like life or how about sex?

B Present

Sometimes you have no idea this is even an issue, and yes “Baby I miss you” works most of the time, but as women we get sick of missing the other half of our relationship. It takes two, it isn’t complete without you, relationships need both parties to have good attendance for it to continue.

Own Your Behaviors

If you're angry about something, say it! Don't pussy foot around about it, then pretending that you weren't angry. Just like you know the person you’re in a relationship with, as women so do we, changes in behavior or body language is easily seen.

Careful threatening to end the relationship- one day she may just take you up on it.

Don't Move Too Fast

 If you're used to being in a relationship, don't assume that your new relationship is as advanced as your last one. B present in the new relationship, enjoy the newness, letting things advance at the right speed, on there own time. Remember it's *New! Don't put long term relationship weight on a new relationship, you'll find the load is too heavy.

She Isn't Your Ex

 Don't put all the last woman's issues on her, wait.... didn't we just talk about this!?

B The Man, So We Can B The Woman

 You may find we talk about the importance of this a lot, there's a reason for that. Defined roles, are key in any relationship.

Do Not Assume...Anything!

Don't B A Pest

Early on you figure out where someone's buttons are, just because you find them, doesn't mean you should intentionally push them. You have a better chance of finding snow in the desert, than you do being a successful pest.

Don't make decisions by yourself, that involve you both as a couple.

As always everything goes both ways, we're in no way saying "that women get a free ride, because they definitely don't" a successful relationship requires 100/100. No person is ever perfect, as women we have our faults also, no two people are ever the same there are going to be things that annoy you also, we're aware.  Most of these seem like pretty minor issues, but left uncorrected they can shake up an entire relationship, this is a place where you want to leave your ego and stubbornness at the door. I don't know of many relationship issues that can't B fixed (with the exception of abuse, be it physical, alcohol, sex, or drug related) if both people are willing to communicate with each other and  do the work!

 Relationships are never easy, I don't believe that they're supposed to be, it's a time of learning new things about yourself, your partner and growing as a person. Finding the love of your life, so very worth it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

B Love: When Love Shuts You Down

First of all take note, that my title is completely wrong.  Love can't physically or literally shut you down, you are the only person that can shut love down. So why do we shut love down? Usually because we feel that we've been hurt by it, so the easiest escape from the pain is to give it up, trying to make ourselves resilient to it therefore it can't hurt us, right? Wrong? Shutting down your ability to love, only makes you the one that has the most lose. What we put out into the world is what we receive back, so if you give up on love resolving yourself to dating the ugly sister to love, the anger, the bitterness and resentfulness, you are cutting off every avenue that love will ever make its way back to you. 

It's not uncommon for people to let you down, and disappoint you when it comes to relationships, in fact it's all a part of the learning process, the valuable lessons that relationships are meant to teach us. We aren't meant to stay stuck though in one area of hurt, when we do we take the risk of it turning us bitter, angry and cynical. No one person is exempt from it, if someone appears to be having an easier time of it, it isn't because they hurt any less than the next person, it's in how they choose to perceive the heartbreak, what they do with the hurt, is the key to moving on and loving again.  In the process of all that we give away our personal power, when you allow the actions of another person, to stop you from finding love, that's giving away your power in the worst way, because the other person will surely move on. Holding on to the hurt makes for a miserable and negative world, when you see the negative side of everything, where do you leave room for anything wonderful to happen in your life, in regards to love and your entire life? When you focus on the negative in the opposite sex, you will be served up with exactly what you say you don't want, recognizing something or someone great is nearly impossible, from this mindset.

The only way to win the war on love, is to deal with all the emotions that are causing you the pain. Yup..unfortunately I said it "deal with the emotions" you can run, you can try to hide, but those pesky emotions have a way of working themselves into the most inconvenient times and places. We're so quick to work out our bodies if we feel that we have a little extra junk, taking up walking, running, or hitting the gym. The emotions that we have, are a by product of how we're are feeling about any given thing that's going on in our world, we need to attend to them, even and especially if it means that we will be uncomfortable for a certain period of time. Not too different than the high that people feel from working out, and getting fit, you actually get a similar high from working on the issues that you have going on in your life. They have sites to work out your your metaphorical heart any different? Seriously...or maybe that's just me. ha! No, once you start to work on the things that aren't working in your life,(be it your life or your love life) figuring out the why's and how's of your life, the meaning to all those lessons that feel so unpleasant at the time, it makes you curious in every moment about what it is that you are learning, it makes the world make sense where it didn't seem sensical at all.

Sometimes when it feels like we've been continuously hurt, it's hard to think logically, to put our thinking back into perspective, or to see the good in anything. Family/friends don't always give the best advice, because they too are emotionally involved in the situation, they will tend to share your perspective, which isn't useful if you want to heal and move on from the hurt. Not dealing with the issue can have a negative effect on every relationship that you have after, or relationships that you abstain from because of the hurt. Holding on to the negative, or having subconscious blocks, could very well be stopping you from having the love of your lifetime.

Contact us at so we can help you, experience the love of your life.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

B Fit: Should You Take Compliments Personally?

Who doesn't love a genuine compliment? Compliments are great. They make you feel good, studies have shown, the giver of the compliment also reps the benefits. What could be bad about a compliment?

I can live for two months on a good compliment.
Mark Twain

Then I got thinking about where the opinions of others good or bad, should rank in our lives.

If you are made by compliments, you can be broken by critics.  

Are we are supposed to accept outside opinions, when they are opinions we like such as "you look so great today," denying those that have opinions we dislike such as "you look so horrible today"? Where do we draw the line? What's the difference? Both can either come from a stranger or a close person in your life, both are an outside opinion. You can see the problem that may come into play. When you take what other people say, personally, where is the line drawn? Can you really shut off, all affects of negative opinions, while allowing the great opinions make you feel great?

It's always the compliments from people you love that mean so much.
Maria Bamford

Perhaps the person giving the compliment is all the difference. When it comes to a relationship, compliments are necessary. They make us feel validated, appreciated by our partner, it makes us feel that our partner notices all that we as a person contribute. If your partner doesn't give you any compliments, ever. It will probably leave you feeling as though they don't acknowledge, the great parts of you or what you bring to the relationship. Even a person that doesn't require validation from outside sources, will often feel unappreciated if their partner hasn't verbally acknowledged all that they are contributing as a person.

This comes down to deciding how much stock you'd like to put in the opinions of others, knowing who's opinion matters and who's doesn't. At many times in life you will have to decide whether peoples opinions of you matter, good or bad. Anytime you open yourself to world, whether that be via your job, your craft, maybe  those are one in the same to you, you are opening the door to unsolicited opinions. That's the reality of it, if you plan on putting yourself out there, you need to decide whether you can truly separate the good, from the bad opinions, whether one can build you up and not allow the other to tear you down.  Sometimes people have great things to say about you and what you contribute, sometimes they don't. Understand that people are often communicating, from their own personal views on the world.

When it comes to people that you love and that love you, their opinions will matter the most to you, these few select people are probably your trusted advisers, these people love you unconditionally. These are people that you trust to give you encouragement, reminding you of your strengths. It can be nearly impossible to not take these opinions to heart, just make sure these people that you consider trusted advisers, are people that truly have your best interest at heart. When it comes to people that you love, compliments are important, if you have the chance to make someone you care about feel good, by simply telling them how great they look or how smart they are, you should. Which brings me to my next point...

Genuine compliments are very important, people know when you aren't being genuine, if you are going to compliment someone, make it count.

 The moral of the story, compliments are great, when people say good things about you, it feels good BUT, you need to be your main encouragement, your main compliment giver, build yourself up. You need to be the one, who is already certain of yourself. That way if someone has a negative opinion of you, it doesn't change how you feel, because YOU already know you are great. That wasn't because people told you, that was because of your own inner confidence. Don't rely on the opinions of others, to make or break you. Let the compliments of others make you feel good, say thank you...ALWAYS say thank you, be flattered, be humbled, but don't let it be your lifeline.

Monday, August 25, 2014

B Beautiful: The Shoe Guide Every Women Needs

I love my shoes!  No matter how painful or uncomfortable that they get, it doesn't matter how much my feet hurt at the end of our time together. I still love my shoes! But, what if there were some simple tricks, to help alleviate some of the pain we face?

This is your ultimate guide to shoes, and how they can really become your best friend.  
First off face reality, a pair of fabulous shoes are going to hurt your feet at some point! The more you pretend or expect that they won't, the more pain you're gonna feel. Don't act like it's a surprise, because it isn't 


I can't recommend platforms enough for a couple reasons  

1. The platform makes the distance between your heel and the bottom of your foot easier on your whole foot, but especially in the areas that tend to be easy targets for pain, which are your arch and the bottom or balls of your foot. 

2. Makes heel height easier to walk in and less noticeable to you. For instance, that pair of 5 inch heels with a 2 inch platform, is only really going to feel more like 3 for you!


Other than your personal preference for heel height, it's important to also take into account the position, and the width of the heel, and how it lines up with your heel.

For best support (support = comfort) find a heel that lines up directly with yours, this helps with the weight you put on your foot being more evenly distributed. 

That is another reason why buying a shoe with a thicker heel, is so raved about! 

Toe Box

There are so many opinions when it comes to what type of toe on a shoe, is most comfortable. Almond, round, pointed and the list goes on, but the most important rule to follow when it comes to comfort and your toes in a shoe, is that your toes should be able to lay flat in your shoe. This helps with the aliment of your foot     


Size is a very tricky thing, every brand of shoes is different, you never actually know until you try the shoe in question on for yourself. Trying on shoes...ugh that's an awful shopping trip ;) 

The thing to watch out for when it comes to size, is that your foot is going to swell after being on your feet for a few hours, you want your shoes to be able to give your foot a little breathing room, without it being a struggle. 

"#TheStruggleIsReal" says the shoe! 

Try to do your shoe shopping last or at the end of your day, you have a better chance at getting an almost perfect fit, because the foot swelling is already done for you. 

If not, use your best judgement on deciding if you'd have a good amount of 'swell room.' If you need to go up half of a size or even a full size, depending on how the shoe fits, do so!    

Size Adjustment 

Everyone has done it, bought that shoe that maybe was a bit too small or tight, but in the store we convinced ourselves that the fit would be fine, because you already fell in love with the shoes. No worries, because it's actually very easy to make small size adjustments at home  

 1. Take two large zip lock bags, fill both with water, put the bags in each shoe,  freeze the shoes with the bags in them, until the water is completely frozen, then wear them around to decide if they fit to your liking. Repeat if necessary

2. Stretch Genie, this is less cold than the first option. All you do is spray, then place the spacers where you sprayed, leave for recommended amount of time. (usually overnight or until your shoe is dry)

In between the step of repeating if necessary, wear your shoes for at least 10 to 15 minutes to re- break them in. Do this few times before attempting any of these steps again.

Comfort Assistance

This is a list of the essential items, to help with all your shoe pain concerns     

Medical tape 



Band aids 

Mole skin

Shoe inserts


Nylon Sockettes

Duct Tape

Let’s start with the simple ones first, band aids, mole skin and shoe inserts, for these essentials you'll need to wear your shoes for a few hours out or around home, to find out the exact spots that need your attention.  

Band Aids: Yeah after wearing your shoes for a few hours, you'll know exactly where band aids are needed, but let this be your friendly reminder, to ALWAYS carry them with you.  

Band aids also work wonders for when you have shoes with cut-outs, to put on the inside of the shoe to help with nothing “falling out” or of course, if you already have a blister or any other foot injury.

Mole skin: Add mole skin to the shoe, if it's a repeat offender. (if your shoe rubs you in a particular area)

Shoe Inserts: Every shoe is different, it's important find out where your foot needs more or extra support in a shoe. Sometimes shoe inserts are needed  

Hairspray: ...what?! If you have the problem of your foot sliding in shoes or a certain pair of shoes, spray hairspray in the shoe or bottom where your foot goes to prevent any sliding. This gives a sticky surface, for the bottom of your foot to gain traction on easier.

Deodorant: Is good for putting on the spots where you commonly get blisters, it creates a protective layer between your skin and the shoe, along with helping to reduce moisture. Buy a travel size one, just for this purpose, taking it with you anytime you wear heels. It's a life saver!

 Medical Tape: Another odd trick to try, is using medical tape, to tape your 3rd and 4th toe together, this helps to align your foot muscle, taking pressure off the ball of your foot. 

Nylon Sockettes: The perfect little nylon sock, that gives our foot protection from the shoe, but it's cut back enough that can't be seen.

Socks: Sometimes the only comfort assistance we need is socks, such an easy fix..who knew?! At any shoe store you can find socks, that are specially made to be wore in heels. This just provides you with an extra layer between your foot and shoe. 

Duct Tape:  Can fix anything!!  Part of comfort is being able to walk in your shoes to the best of your abilities. If you can't walk won't be very fun! Put a little piece of tape on the bottom of your shoe, to help with stability on certain surfaces. If you need more stability, also try lightly filing the heel, with a little metal nail file to make the surface less smooth. If you find that your nylons are slipping in your shoe, put a piece of duct tape on the bottom of your nylon, this will also stop the slippage. 

 If you have a long day/night of shoe wearing ahead of you, bring extra shoes, sometimes just switching out pairs, gives your feet that little break they need to look fabulously sexy!

Now it's time to put these tips to good use. 

Happy Shoe Wearing!

What are your favourite shoe tips? No wait, better question..

What is your favourite pair of shoes? Or better yet, tweet us a pic of your favorite shoes!

Tweet me your answer @BbeautifulBBB      

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B Men Bootcamp

Get THAT Woman

I'm sure that every man has experienced seeing the most beautiful woman, whether it's on the street, in a club, or even in the grocery store, but not feeling confident enough to talk to her, get her number, let alone ask her out. If you've ever found yourself wanting so badly to talk to the attractive woman, only to have your flames doused by the icy cold thoughts of rejection. We would love to help you. Or if you've been in a relationship, that's suddenly came to an end, leaving you wondering "what the hell went wrong, what did you do?" We're here to help you, not only will we help you attract beautiful women, but give you the tools to keep a relationship going.

Now days it can be tough to know exactly how to approach a woman, let alone one that is stunningly gorgeous. Sometimes it seems like your chances of speaking with her, getting her number, engaging with her long enough, so she can see what a great guy you are, all hedge on her first impressions of you. There is a right way and a wrong way to how you approach any woman, and it's the deciding factor in exactly how far you get with her. We would like to help you be more successful with women in general, also helping you to become the best version of yourself, there is nothing more sexy to a woman than a man that is confident in his own skin. Ultimately helping you achieve the kind of relationship that every person wants.

Today we at BBB are unveiling our in demand, much anticipated B Men BootCamp, you asked, we answered.  The B Men BootCamp, will be a 3 week course designed and tailored to your exact needs, it's not about quick gimmicks, secrets, or paste and copy jargon. We're very much about helping you to make a positive lasting investment in your life, not only in the dating/relationship/love area, but every aspect of your life, motivating and inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. This alone is going to change the quality of women that are attracted to you.

In order for us to help you in the best possible way that we can, we're offering to have a 30 minute one on one session, with as many of our devoted readers as we possibly can over the next few weeks. We probably won't be able to work with everyone, but the sooner you sign up the more likely that we will be able to get you into our schedule.

 We can't wait to work with you.

 ~ creating  with you, a clear vision of the type of woman, relationship and love, that you would like to  have in your life.

~ it all starts with finding your Ms. Right

~ we will uncover those hidden blocks that you may not even realize are standing in your way

~ you will leave our session with a motivated, re-energized, optimistic and inspired mindset to find the woman of your dreams.

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Much Love,

Changing the world through relationships, one person at a time.  

B Men Bootcamp 

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B Love: What Women NEED To Learn About The Word No

What Women Need To Know..About The Word NO! 

No, a little word that packs a huge punch, especially when it comes to women.  Why are we so afraid to say "no?" Perhaps it comes from always feeling the need to please other people, always trying to be friends with every woman and just about every single person we encounter. The reasons can be vast as to why women feel that they always have to say "yes" even if it means that it puts us in great discomfort, maybe even going as far as to piss us off, because we couldn't muster up enough ladies balls to say "no."

Learning how to use the word "no" is such a very important lesson for women to learn, once you do it a few times, you will see that the world doesn't end, as it shouldn't. Yes, it's one of those things that takes practice because as women, we're used to being the nurturer, so many times 'no' goes against everything that's been engrained to us at birth.

What is the point in saying "yes" all the time, when you feel resentful for having to do whatever was asked of you?  I've often seen where a woman begrudgingly said "yes" when she really wanted to say "no" carrying through doing what she agreed to, but miserable all the time while she is doing it. Then hanging onto the resentment, feeling that she was taken advantage of and used by someone else.

 I'm not suggesting that you simply refuse everything that people ask of you. What I am suggesting is, learning how to value yourself as a woman,  knowing your worth, your happiness should be as equally important as any other person that's doing the asking. You don't need to apologize or give an explanation, 'no' is one of those words, that is able to stand alone. How often do you hear men apologize or give reasons as to why, they don't want to do something?  

Sometimes as women we're so busy trying to be someone elses friend, we forget to be our own friend, saying "no" and actually meaning it. Setting our own standards/ boundaries as to what we will and won't allow in our lives. As hard as it may seem, people start to devalue you as a person when you're simply a 'yes' woman. Which in turn makes you want to say 'yes' all the time, it's a vicious circle, one only you have the power to break.

I personally don't see the point in doing something for someone else that I didn't want to do, especially if it's going to leave me angry, feeling that I've been taken advantage of. Not because I've always used this little power packed word, in fact it's not that at all, I had to learn to use the word myself, I will never go back now though. At first it may be common to feel a little guilt, because at the end of the day I am a woman, I fix things, I'm a team player, I take hits for the team, but I don't sacrifice my own personal happiness to please another person.

I don't think that doing something for someone else gets the recognition as, being helpful, kind, or nice,  if I've done it feeling as if I've been taken advantage of, or pressured into doing something with a vengeful heart. I believe that you take all of the "good" out of a 'good deed' if you're simply doing it because you were too afraid to use the word 'no,' being worried about someone elses opinion, or if the person won't like me because I didn't say "yes."  Life is way too short to live being stressed, or full of angst, because I agreed to do something that I didn't want to do in the first place. There is also something very freeing, in learning how to use the word "no."

Are you a woman that hasn't learned how to use the word "no" yet, feeling wrought with guilt when you do have to use it? This is something that we can help you with, join us for The BBB Experience.