Thursday, November 20, 2014

B Men: Your Guide To Meeting HER Family This Holiday Season

Your Guide To Meeting 'HER' Family This Holiday Season

Or At Least How To Really Impress Them ;)

It's the holiday season, that leaves us with endless amounts of parties, dinners with family as well as close friends. This also means that a lot of gentlemen (and ladies)out there will be a plus one at many of these gatherings...possibly even for the first time.

This is a little guide that will give you the tips to be the best, and quite possibly the star of these events, all thanks to BBB

Do Your Research

So this one is fairly simple, you probably already have a good amount of knowledge about her family, but this is a VERY crucial step. Don't get us wrong, this isn't something you should obsess over or cause to run out and buy or fill out note cards, that you study the night before.

 Have knowledge of names, relation, current events, whether they are tragic ones or happy ones,  also rules/values the family is strict on, that doesn't mean any of this needs to be what you follow, but first and foremost this is a thing of respect. 

Don't forget...

There is nothing like dead awkward silence at a dinner table or when everyone is gathered in the living room because the new guy brought up "that topic" pay attention when she speaks of any family drama, and don't be afraid to ask her about conversations/topics to avoid, if you feel the need.

Got your research done?? Good, there are just a few more steps...    

 Bring A Gift But Don't Over Do It 

Okay, this one doesn't always need to be at the top of your list, it isn't the most important, but holiday parties and events related to that for the first few times it's a nice gesture that says "Thank you for welcoming me to your home". Think a nice bottle of wine/liquor, box of chocolates, flowers, even a gift basket would work. You don't need to break the bank for an impressive gift, because it's not about the gift, it's just the thought counts here.

Dress Code

Is there one? Don't be afraid to ask, then you won't be showing up looking all out of place in your tux, when everyone else is casual and vice versa. If you are a great dresser anyway, then follow your own sense of style, because that is where you will feel the most comfortable and at ease. If you have to purchase a suit, please do it sooner rather than later, spend the extra cash to get it tailored to you, there is nothing worse than a man in an ill fitting suit.

Find Your Comfort As Soon As Possible 

We don't mean the kick off your shoes and wear your old sweatpants comfort, more along the lines of being able to express yourself, letting your personality shine, letting whoever that is surrounding you get to the version of you that 'she' is so crazy about. The person you are, can impress just fine on its own, plus everyone will be able to sense the disingenuous  factors easily. 

Common Interests

Again ask her in advance re: the careers of her parents, siblings, family and friends that will be attending.  We  also big on finding out favorite sports teams, simply because there is a lot that you can bond over.

Ask Questions

When we meet new people, you never get a second chance to make a great impression. An easy way to make a great impression, even with the hardest of sells, is to ask a person about themselves, career, passions, favorite teams etc. People do generally like to talk about themselves.  To making a great impression it is more about how the other person feels in your presence. Find common ground like a conversation that you can contribute to and even excel at, without being stressed about what is coming out of your mouth. Once you get over that first should be smooth sailing!

Topics To Avoid

Topics to avoid at all costs; politics and religion, because people tend to be very passionate about both, there isn't usually a gray area. The last thing you want is an argument over your first festive dinner or party. 


The way that everyone interacts together. If you cuss like a sailor, you should probably hold back if that isn't the general consensus in how everyone else is communicating.

Offer To Help With Clean Up 

Any good guest offers to help with clean up , it's common courtesy 101! Honestly, you'll probably get a "No". Once again, it's the 'thought' that counts. 

There are 2 main things that her family/friends will be on the lookout for;

1.  HOW you treat her.

2. That you're being yourself.

 It doesn't matter if you're just meeting them for the first time or getting to know them better, those are the 2 most essentials things that you need to be aware of, when stepping into this world. We hope that you found our tips helpful in navigating the dreaded first meet of family over the upcoming holiday season. Did we miss anything? Feel free to contribute, we love passing great information onto our readers.        

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

B Love: Why EVERY Woman Should Play Fantasy Football

We often hear about complaints from men and women, regarding men's sports habits, "he's always watching   ....................(insert said sport here) he sits in his chair and watches football all Sunday, you can't talk to him, unless on commercials" Today I'm going to talk specifically about football and Fantasy Football, this isn't the only Fantasy League that men play in, but the one that I played. I'm Canadian, so of course it was the CFL Fantasy Football League.

Men complain that "their woman is always angry because he watches sports, or takes off with his boys to watch sports, she doesn't understand the whole team thing, and are forever trying to engage him in a conversation while he is watching sports!"

First let me say "I get this, when someone is trying to have a deep conversation with you, or trying to talk over the tv, whilst I'm watching football!" Ha! It's really no different when someone is trying to have a conversation with you while you are watching whatever shows that you like to watch, or they don't talk on commercials. I do enjoy hockey and a little basketball occasionally, but noticed the bigger difference when I started playing Fantasy Football (FF). Why the change? Because I have a dog in the fight, now more than other seasons.

To the part that I think every woman should play FF, the league is free,  it's as easy as, picking a username, and signing up with an email. When you are in a relationship, it can be frustrating if you feel that sports takes up the quality time, that you would like to be sending with your man. Don't ever think that us women don't have a very competitive instinct, by choosing a team and getting involved you suddenly care whether you win or lose. Picking a team can be as easy as, checking out the guys in their uniforms, best pants in all of sports. (is that sexiest?!?! haha) ;) The team that you like the color of their uniforms, you have other friends/dad/brothers that like a particular team,  or you've heard of the teams star player. Choosing an opposing team from your significant other, always makes for some fun trash talking, bets etc.

Once you've got your team, watch a game, it's okay to ask questions if you don't understand the whole concept of the game, and the best way to learn. Most men don't mind explaining the aspects of the game that they are watching, by taking an invested interest it means that it's something that you can share and do together, helping you to feel that you are getting that quality time that women love. Of course the internet is filled with all the information that you could ever want on the game.

Now onto the Fantasy Football play, you need to choose your Quarterback, Receivers, Running Back, a Flex player, kicker and pick a team that has a great defence. By choosing the players and positions it will get you familiar with the different positions in football. It will force you to start paying attention to the statistics, who's in and who's out for the week. Suddenly you have a dog in the fight, the points become very important, and it never ceases to amaze me how much men love a woman that understands sports, and can talk football with them.

In FF you will learn, that if you choose your fantasy team with your heart/emotion there will be weeks that you don't get as many points. You will learn to play from your head, even though it may hurt to have to trade in your favorite quarterback occasionally. You will learn how the other teams play, is it going to be more of a run game or a passing game? Learning how to read a "depth chart" has saved me on more than one occasion, not only is it a competition between you and your significant other, but every other person that plays, and wouldn't you be the coolest gf/wife to win the end prize, taking your man to Grey Cup or Super Bowl for you NFL'ers!

Sports teams usually have a star or 2 star players, but the whole team has to work together as a collective unit, if they hope to make playoffs and a chance at the cup. A relationship has to be a team effort, it isn't 50/50, it's 100/100.

Commitment, lots of women think that men have a problem with commitment...pffft I don't buy it! They seem to have no problems committing to their favorite sports team, so why would a woman be any different? It's not, men stick with their team through thick and thin, the wins and the losses!

You don't have a good team without a great defensive line, who's going to stave the other team off? Who's going to make the touchdown, protect your quarterback, if your offensive line isn't working? There is a playbook, but occasionally a play works out differently than the best laid plans, and you have to go with it. Sometimes it's your defence that is out there scoring the touchdowns.

Penalties..You have to be able to forget quickly on the plays that you make a mistake, otherwise it could hamper the way your team plays for the remainder of the game. Just like relationships, if you constantly magnify someone's mistakes, you're going to be forever angry and resentful.

Take advantage of momentum, at times it's going to be up to you to be the person that creates the momentum, to get your team back in the game.

Sometimes you have to take one for the team, we all have to make sacrifices to have a successful relationship. Just like in football, sometimes you have to be the one that takes the hit or makes the tackle, even if you're a quarterback or a punter, tackle when you have to, and then move on.  

By playing FF, you will learn the in's and out's of the game much faster, because passing yards, rushing yards,  field goals and touchdowns suddenly take on new meaning when you are racking up the points on your FF.

Being in relationships takes work, it takes you being selfless at times, putting someone else's wants and needs before your own, don't get me wrong it has to be a 2 way street, but if you show some initiative to learn his favorite sport, and play the fantasy version, he will love you forever. Does that mean that he will suddenly love shopping probably not, but if you make an attempt to integrate what he loves, he will do the same for you. Seriously you can make it a 'thing' work together to make snacks the day before so no one has to miss a minute of the game. You just may surprise yourself, if you've never been a sports fan previously, you may learn to love the game as much as he does.

P.s. Men tend to find women wearing football jersey's to be very sexy! ;)        

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

B Fit: Times In Life When You Need To Stand Your Ground

There are times in life when you will need to take a stance and stick to it, times when you need to dig your feet in, standing strong. Standing your ground isn't always easy, in fact sometimes it can be one of the hardest things you ever do, yet there will be times in life when it's necessary.  Here are just a couple times in your life, when you will need to take a stand and stick to it.

When It Comes To a Job & The Money You Deserve For The Work You Put In

Often people accept what they make at a job as "just how it is", this isn't true by any means. However there is a stipulation, you must be good at what you do and you need to prove that. You need to decide what you're worth. I don't care where you work, if you are good at what you do, if you become a necessity, you need to ask for the money you deserve. Knowing what you deserve, means that you have the intention of walking from any job that doesn't compensate.

When You Know You Did Nothing Wrong

If someone is accusing you of something you know you didn't do, whether this is in a relationship or in any situation. You need to stand your ground.

When Someone Asks You To Comprise Your Own Worth or Beliefs

You should never compromise your own beliefs for another person. It is so important that a person has their own beliefs and knows their worth on their own. When you know who you are, you know your own worth, you will have better ground in your relationships and your life. When it comes to things you hold dearly, your worth, your beliefs, you need to draw a line in the sand. You should be open to education and new opinions always, but the only time you should change your view on something is when YOU have decided, not anyone else.  

When You Say NO

When you say no, it's for a reason, you don't need to explain a "no" if you don't want to. No means no, that's just it. If you ever say no, whether that's saying no to a date or saying no to a birthday party you didn't really want to go to. You can always say no. ALWAYS! A solid no is better than a half hearted yes.

When Someone Does Something You Consider a Deal Breaker

Do you know your deal breakers? You should know what can make or break a relationship for you or friendship for that matter. When someone crosses your line, you need to take a stand.

When You Decide You're Done With Someone

When you leave someone in the past, you do so for a reason, that reason should still stand. In rare cases a person changes and you may allow them back into your life, but this doesn't happen overnight and probably isn't the person repeatedly calling you saying "I've changed".  Learn to trust that each decision you make, you make for a reason and you aren't wrong. When you are done with a person or situation, stand your ground, you have your reasons.

When You Make a Calculated, Well-versed Decision

Part of growing is eventually being able to trust the decisions you make. When you make a well thought out, educated decision on anything, you need to stand your ground and stand behind your choices. 

There will be many times in your life when you will have to make decisions, holding to them or you will have to dig in your heels, that is necessary in life sometimes. Taking a stand takes courage, standing strong in that decision also requires courage. It may be hard, sometimes it may even hurt, but remember what is best for you. Standing your ground may alter situations around you, but if you are standing your ground it is for a reason, your reason, a reason more important than what you may lose in the process.  All of this comes down to loving yourself enough to stand strong, this is about knowing what you deserve, making a point to accept nothing less.

Monday, November 17, 2014

B Beautiful: Are You Guilty Of These Bad Break Up Habits?

You've probably seen it by now..that screenshot of that "crazy" break up text, that has been going around! 

If you haven't yet, give it ten minutes or find your way to a pop culture site. They'll surely have it somewhere on one of those, because everyone has been talking about it, as well as sharing it.   

While I don't feel the need to pry into the personal life of those that are "victims of social media", I   however feel the need to discuss these horrible break up habits that the world has started. Yeah I'm not talking about the debate over breaking over a text or email...while yes this does play a role in these horrible habits that I'll be discussing, it's a long and over talked about topic, when at the end of the day the only answer that you need to solve this problem, is respect. Now since we got that out of the way, what are these horrible habits you ask?

Over Sharing The Break Up Details 

Don't get me wrong, there are some break up details you'll share with the people closest to you, but that doesn't mean you need to spill all the beans and be a completely open book.  This isn't juicy  gossip that everyone needs to know about, but the more you share, the more it spreads like wildfire! 

There shouldn't be a play by play or script of your break up, just like the relationship, most things involving the break up should stay between the people that were in the relationship. 

Over Sharing Relationships Details 

Well it's over isn't it? Why does it matter? Over sharing details about your intimate relationship, disagreements and problems must be okay, right?  Just because the relationship is over, does not mean that all information whether it be good or bad is a free-for-all . The same rules of privacy that existed while your relationship was current, are still in effect.


There is nothing wrong with screenshots that you keep for your own personal viewing, or at least keep on your own phone. 

It's when you share them,  sending them to other people is where the problems begin. What is said in a private message, should stay as such. Sharing screenshots of texts or private messages from break ups or an ex seems to be a pretty popular trend, hence multiple social media accounts that are just for the purpose of these screenshots.  This is privacy line that should never been crossed when dealing with a sensitive issue, such as a break up or fight. 

Social Media Shaming 

Being hurt is not the green light for shaming anyone, or anywhere, it doesn't give you the 'victim card' to do so! If you have something to say or a bone to pick with that person, social media is not the place or the way to do it! 

Public Break Ups 

Breaking up in public, in or on some form of media as an act of revenge*gives look of disappointment*. 

Over the last little while the world has seen this done in many different ways, from posting a picture on a social media site, to then informing their significant other that the relationship was over, TO even doing the breaking up via radio station. Similar to social media shaming, this says more about you, than anyone else. If you want to be in relationships, you need to handle break ups respectfully,  being able to be the bigger person, even in cases where the other person has done more damage in the relationship than you have!  

Just So We're Clear

Just because someone did something crazy in any form, which could be anything  from in person, to a text, that does not give you the right to share it or shame this person via social media. That person may be in the wrong or even being overly dramatic, but it's not your responsibly to kick someone who is already down. Whatever else your significant other does before or after a break up, does not give you an excuse for any of these actions, nor does it justify them. If you care to share it with friends and followers on social media sites, that says more about you than anything.  

Sure there is no official break up clause or rule book that you can throw at someone when they break a rule when "breaking up" but this all comes back to respect, having compassion as a human being for another. Nobody likes being hurt or breaking up for that matter, it's hard for both sides, all these bad habits will only make it worse, also dragging out the process much longer than it needs to be. 

The Moral Of The Story

Think before you speak or share anything!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

B Men: How To: Achieve And Maintain Great Guy Status

Life is extremely busy these days, time commitments, work commitments, life commitments and last but shouldn't be least on your schedule, relationship commitments. 

Men and women do have the same basic needs when it comes to feeling fulfilled in their relationships. It's about the small miniscule details when it comes to keeping a woman happy in a relationship, yes, this is going to require you, to follow your male instincts and investigate the areas that your woman could use a little help from you. Yes, we're giving you a direct challenge to do the work to improve your relationship today.

Women notice the little things when you do them, and especially when you don't. If you've ever watched a romantic movie together, you've probably noticed her sigh a little when the male lead suggests that he knows "the 6 distinctive smiles" that the lead woman gives. Life isn't a fairytale or a movie by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't go the extra mile in your relationship. It will pay off exponentially for you, there is truth in the quote "happy wife, happy life." Regardless if you're married or in a long term relationship, the outcome will be the same, do the little things and you will have a very happy and committed woman in your life. The easiest way to get her to think that you are a great guy, is to B a GREAT guy!  So how can you go about gaining this 'great guydom' status?! Keep reading. :)

- You will get all the little tips from her lips very easily, it requires one thing of you; to listen to her, not listening to respond to a remark, comment or question. Listening to her talk about her day, hear what she says to be her challenges. Don't try fixing them with words, fix them with actions.

-I'm not talking about you having to move mountains and relocate countries here. It's always the small things that touch a woman's heart.

- This isn't saying you need to be the prince charming from the movies or try to achieve perfection, no one is expecting that or even wants that. This is just informing you of the extra steps you can take if you pay attention, that are unique to your relationship and woman which will work to improve or help add more intimacy, spark and passion into your relationship.

-A women wants her significant other to know all the little details about her, this is often why men think that women speak in riddles, that is the direct challenge, to figure her out. If someone told you directly all the things that make them the unique individual that they are, you would probably never be able to take it all in. Plus talk is cheap.

Women want you to climb the wall and swim through the shark infested waters of the moat to get to her. ~BBB

-Women don't share every detail about themselves, especially the small significant ones with every man that they meet, or even engage in a relationships with, it's actually an earned rite. She wants nothing more than for you to acknowledge her, for her to be able to share her intimate details with you.

-If you want to get something in life, the easiest way to get it, is to give it. Not giving with the expectation to get it back, but with the knowing that what you put out, you do get back, it isn't always given back in the form that you gave or on your time, especially with women. Women  have this innate built in bullshit metre, backed up by every relationship experience that she's ever had. We know when something isn't coming from the right place, or you don't follow through with the actions. No matter how strong/independent a woman is, these are the keys to melting her heart, keeping her heart and knocking down the walls that surround it. A word of caution though...if you aren't 110% genuine, she will take you out like yesterdays garbage, without so much of a backward glance. 

Strong, independent woman are not born that way, they are made, and she didn't get that way from playing patty cake. ~BBB

We aren't about copy/paste tactics to get or keep women, here are a few examples though, to help get you started, making sure that you are clear on the task at hand. :)

-noticing a woman's hair, especially when she has cut or changed the color of it.

-we all really do have unique ways that we smile; there is a smile out of nervousness, the smiles that we try really hard to containing, the genuine smile, a generic smile that never quite meets our eyes, a smile that is full of love, and there is a smile that signifies desire for you. It just takes you paying closer attention, watching the expressions on her face.

-they don't have to be about serious things either, we all have funny things that we do or say, so don't be afraid to include the funny little things that she does.

-you can learn a lot by someone simply from their choice and placement of words.

-know what makes her happy and sad.

-dates. With all our technology these days there is no excuse not to remember dates, add them to your phone calendar as they happen. This is coming from the B that is the absolute worst at dates, if I can do it so can you. :)

-give her a massage, after a stressful day or simply just because.

-buy her favorite scents of candles/soaps or shampoo.

-have REGULAR date nights, you plan everything right down to childcare. (childcare has to be someone that SHE trust or else she won't be able to relax and have a good time)

-leaving her unexpected notes, of all the things that you appreciate about her, how beautiful she is to you...etc

-run her a bubble bath. We recommend "Lush, bath bombs and bubble bars" the scents are amazing to set that relaxing ambiance, we bet the you will love them too!

-making sure that you pull your weight when it comes to household chores, children, finances etc...

-the weather is changing, getting her a pair of your favorite/warmest gloves(in the ladies version/size of course), showing her that you are thinking about her being warm on cold days, a lot of women have cold hands to start with.

The list is actually endless because we are all very multi faceted, all these little things are meant to make her feel special, showing that you have thought about her individual traits, needs and feelings. These are a few of the little things that will melt a woman's heart, keeping her engaged in the relationship for years to come, making you that undeniably GREAT GUY!  

We're always here to help you with your relationship needs.... at Changing the world, one person and relationship at a time.