Thursday, October 16, 2014

(S)He Is Bad In Bed...

Since we seem to be on a sexual theme with B Men, with articles from Thursday & Friday being about women and orgasm.

B Men: Female Orgasm, Not As Elusive As It Was Once Made Out To B

Manifesting Change On The Faking Of Orgasms

We thought it was time to put an end to the whole "sexual rating system." As women we do hear other women, complaining that "so and so SUCKED in bed!" men do it also so no finger pointing allowed. Ha! :)

I just recently saw a link for an app that is for rating men sexually, which does tend to stir a little anger in me. The saddest part, is that other women buy into it and perpetuate it. It ISN'T women vs men!

As women we're always wanting equality, which I'm totally for, yet when it comes to a sexual experience, a woman can sit back, telling the world that some guy sucked in bed.

Since when did a sexual experience rest solely on a man's shoulders, to rock a woman's world?! Does that not lead one to think that a woman must have not had the chance to be an EQUAL participant?

As a woman isn't it your responsibility to know what you like, being proactive about figuring out your own body, knowing how you like to be touched and where? Not sending men in blind, is part of our mission at BBB, but we also expect women to step up, basically to help themselves.

A man will straight up tell you what he likes and doesn't like, just ask one. This doesn't mean we expect women to go all dominatrix on men, well unless they're both into it, then in that case, go for it.

My point, for both men and women, before you let the words roll off of your tongue that someone is "bad in bed" know that it's a direct reflection on YOU, and your sexual prowess. A sexual experience is only as good or as bad, as the 2 individuals that are involved.
If there is something that you aren't liking about a sexual experience, change it. Most men are more than willing to do anything, to make that experience a great one for you. If he isn't concerned about the experience that you're partaking in, he's the wrong guy. Period! Men take great pride in knowing that they can please a woman. 

Sexual insults, like any other insults, aren't ok. Often you hear the most sexual insults in heated arguments or the ending of relationship, both sexes do it however, it does appear to be very commonly used against men. A man's sexual ego is held close, this is why it becomes an easy target. Insults about a man's penis size or performance are not only unfair as we stated here, but it reflects on you as a person. The old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" rings true here, when it comes to heated situations, before it ever comes to slinging insults back and forth you need to walk away from said unhealthy situation, till cooler heads prevail.  

If you're in a relationship where your sexual needs aren't being met in the manner you would like, you need to communicate with your partner, introduce them to things that you do like. If you don't open the sexual lines of communication with your partner, addressing the issue, the only person you have to blame for your dissatisfying sexual experiences, is yourself.

BBB Tip: When addressing sexual concerns, it's best to offer suggestions on what you would like or would like to try, rather than to just stating that you don't like A, B and C. Offer suggestions or alternative ways of doing things. You do have to use constructive terminology, as to not insult your partner. If you don't know what could be done differently, do your own research.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

B Fit: 5 Beliefs That Will Hold You Back In Life

"That's Just how it is"

Nothing is "just how it is",  there are ways to change most life situations that you encounter. This acceptance can easily be used as an excuse for accepting the status quo, even if the status quo isn't ok. Nothing makes me push harder for change, than someone insinuating that bad situations are to be accepted, rather than fought to change. If there is something in your life that truly can't be changed (ex: The passing of someone you love), a change in perspective could be the game changer for you.  When you think of someone saying "that's just how it is", you usually picture that accompanied with a shoulder shrug, or some other form of negative body language.  Instead see things in transition, rather than stuck in a rut. This will keep you moving forward, rather than held back. Your perception is your reality.

"You must work very hard for everything you want."

Now you may wonder why this is on my list, it's very commonly used, but it's not about working very hard, exhausting yourself daily. It's about working smart, you can exhaust yourself all day, but if you aren't making the right moves you will exhaust yourself every day. Often with this statement, people think that they should be running themselves down in order to have something they really want. Make smart moves and you'll get to your destination faster. It's about tactical, consistent decisions.

"I can't do that"

We easily trap ourselves within our own beliefs, we have an imaginary box in our minds, inside this box are all the things that we believe are within our grasp. Outside of this box are the things that for one reason or another, we believe we'll never be or will never have.

Question, can you earn a million dollars, you personally?

Now my guess is that you're probably skeptical of this, but why? You never know for certain, you could come up with a brilliant idea that never crossed your mind before, finding something you do extremely well that could bring in millions. Even with this unknown future, we seem to discount this idea altogether. The point is, that we have ideas in our heads of what for us is accomplishable with little merit. This "box" can be based on our parents views, how we were raised, those around us, or ourselves. When we're at our most impressionable ages, we take in a lot of information that could affect the rest of our lives. Believing you can't do something will hold you back, perhaps from something completely amazing, there's nothing you can't do with determination and practice.

"That's just how I am"

When this statement is used following a statement about something that you feel that you're stuck with, such as a certain behaviour you exhibit, yet don't like, it can be harmful. It can be harmful because it will stop you from focusing on the point of issue, leaving you stuck. One of the joys of being a human being is the ability to decide who you are, you hold all the cards, there's nothing you can't change if you decide that changing it, is necessary for you.  

"Everything is working against me"

The belief that everything is working against you, is not only a false dramatization, but there's negativity attached to such a statement. Negativity weighs heavily, not only on your mind, but on your body. Negativity is exhausting. Just because one or two things may not have worked in the exact way you wanted, doesn't mean that everything is against you.  Life comes with its fair share of twists and turns. Take each mini issue with a grain of salt, life is what you make it.

You get to decide what you make true for you, the only person that can dictate how every situation in your life is handled or not handled is you. Choose to remove limiting beliefs and the world is yours. You won't remove every limiting belief over night, but start by being aware of these little things that you think and say. Look at all sides of the picture, because at least one of them will be something you can positively use in your life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

B Beautiful: The Reason You Need To Start Living Life...Today

Something's been on my mind recently...

I've always been a strong advocator for living life to the fullest,  getting the most out of life before its gone. I was a believer in "you only live once" before it became YOLO, before it was used on some social media site to give an explanation to your followers and friends, of why you ate that big chocolate chip cookie #YOLO,  right? 

(Maybe that's still a useable excuse)

Silly hashtag or words on a t-shirt, the principle still remains the same, you only get one chance at this life. One chance to make uncountable mistakes, missteps, lessons learned, good deeds, life changing moments of ultimate discovery, incredible journeys, memories, love stories, moments of laughter and have moments where your strength as a person prevails, whether that's physically or emotionally ... The list of the opportunities you get is endless and it's all worth it.

The thing that has been on my mind the most through all this, was all the unused time that everyone has built up in their personal corners of life. Life/time wasn't something that was gifted to us to be gently used, barely touched  or kept in mint condition, because it was going to be for resale after we finally got done with it. Despite what that last sentence sounded like, that was in no way advocating crazy or dangerous behaviour, if you plan on jumping out of a plane use a parachute still, please! 

My point plain and simple, no gimmicks or tricks, to just live, not to missing out on life because of some mind numbing reason that can be created out of fear for the unknown, your self-sabotaging comfort zone, the final saboteur of the outside opinion or beliefs of others. 

Oddly enough one of the things that inspired these thoughts and action to life, was when it came to some various material items that belong to me and some to other people in my life. Before you judge, let me explain. It wasn't the value of the material item that was on my mind, but more the OVER protective care that was taken to preserve these items. It has occurred to me that we even protect our items that have value, but in the scheme of things are valueless, from life. It's a poison that gets projected in every part of life!        
There isn't much in this life that warrants such an over protective nature of material items, that should be something reserved for very precious keepsakes and photos. Their value in memories, meaning and life should out weight any other type currency. 

Just like those material items I was speaking of, sometimes in this world we're afraid to live, afraid to take the risks of potential damage, failure or even great success. This can lead to over protecting yourself from life, it's easy to hide in a shell, burying yourself from all of the opportunities life provides.

 If you only live once, what are you waiting for? What are you saving your time for?  

To be honest the most scary part of all this, is that  unused life/ time has already long passed you and it doesn't collect like a savings account, but the bright side and beauty of all this, is that it's never too late to start  whatever the circumstances. In small steps or leaps and bounds , it's just important to start. 

There won't be a day when you're laying in bed at night that you really can say "I regret living it to the fullest." Even when it's been the darkest day, there is something to be learned and valued!

Maybe you're keeping yourself from something completely amazing, it could be speaking up in your business meeting, sharing your ideas or taking  the steps to follow your dreams. Telling someone how you feel, going on that vacation you've been talking about for years, finally being your true self or over all, just pursuing happiness. 

My point is just start living your life...TODAY!   

Friday, October 10, 2014

Manifesting Change On The Faking Of Orgasms

Let me bring a little more clarity for especially men, women also though, with regards to the articles from yesterday on the Female Orgasm.

Unless you happened to read EVERY article that we included links to, some of you may be feeling that there is a sinister conspiracy conducted by women when it comes to faking orgasm. Which isn't the case at all!

Firstly, a woman's largest sex organ is her brain. 

Our brains work a little different that our male counter parts, in the sense that men tend to focus on one subject at a time, whereas women, we have a lot going on in our minds at any given moment. This is where us ladies need to take a page out of your books, because...when it comes to sex, men pull out their box from their brain labelled sex, everything in the experience is from that realm of thought. Women may be thinking about sex, but she may also be thing what needs to be done around the house, thoughts from work, or having forgotten to get a gift for her cousins birthday. Basically a woman needs to be able to shut down all the other boxes (for lack of a better word) popping up in her brain while engaging in sex. Focusing solely on the moment, and the feelings being generated by her body.

There are a ton of reasons why women fake orgasms, perhaps the biggest one is she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, because

A. She could've been in her own head, and the lack of orgasm wasn't a direct result of your performance.

B. Perhaps she herself isn't familiar with her body. She doesn't know exactly where she likes to be touched or how. Plus women have been living with the stigma attached to the female orgasm, that has been telling her, her entire life that it's hard to obtain

C. Is feeling unhappy with her body, focusing more on how she looks from your P.O.V.

D. She is tired.

E. She is angry with you for something you've done or haven't done.

F. Once a woman starts faking, it's really hard to stop. She doesn't want to come clean to you, because it would make you question everything that you thought you knew as a man, and making her orgasm.

G. Religious beliefs about sex.

H. The beliefs that have been passed down from family and friends regarding sex. Sex being Taboo.

I. A woman's pleasure during sex is something that hasn't been focused on for that long. Sex isn't just for procreation anymore, and it isn't just for the pleasure of men. Equality!

The list is endless, and the reason that she needs to be able to quiet down all the thoughts racing in her brain and focus in the moment.

 In all honesty, the lack of a woman orgasming shouldn't be reflective of a man's performance, we believe that women should be proactive when it comes to her own body. 

Knowing where and how she likes to be touched, so that she can guide her partner(s) to what she likes.

Or perhaps it's something that you can explore with her, encouraging her to learn about her body. Women aren't as familiar with their bodies, especially her clitoris/vulva, whereas men, as soon as you're potty trained you're up close and personal with your penis and the fact that men produce more testosterone giving them a higher sex drive.

Sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship, it's very significant though. We need to start having a different conversation about it, when a woman is completely satisfied she will realize the huge benefits to it, it's a great stress reliever for women too, a woman that orgasms regularly know this, and it feels amazing. Orgasm is also when the highest release of oxytocin is released by both men and women, the bonding drug, strengthening the relationship between 2 people. More/better sex means happier couples!

If by chance you didn't read our article from yesterday "Female Orgasm Not As Elusive As It Was Once Made Out To Be" here is the link.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

B Men: Female Orgasm, Not As Elusive As It Was Once Made Out To B

We've been seeing a few articles referring to a Review from the Journal of Clinical Anatomy, below is a partial publication from it (we will include the link at the bottom if you'd like to read the review yourself) which coincides with what we've been saying in our articles, in reference to a woman's orgasm, we've been trying to dispel the mystery and myths, that seem to always surround women and their orgasm or lack thereof.  

This is IMPORTANT knowledge to have guys!!!!

It truly does take the mystery out of a topic that has left guys wondering exactly how to please a woman, we will include the links to our articles on the subject also. This is an opportunity for us to give you the science behind the claims that we've been making.

Quotes from: Vincenzo Puppo

Anatomy and physiology of the clitoris, vestibular bulbs, and labia minora with a review of the female orgasm and the prevention of female sexual dysfunction

"Vaginal orgasm and the G-spot do not exist. These claims are found in numerous articles that have been written by Addiego F, Whipple B, Jannini E, Buisson O, O'Connell H, Brody S, Ostrzenski A, and others, have no scientific basis. Orgasm is an intense sensation of pleasure achieved by stimulation of erogenous zones. Women do not have a refractory period after each orgasm and can, therefore, experience multiple orgasms. Clitoral sexual response and the female orgasm are not affected by aging. Sexologists should define having sex/love making when orgasm occurs for both partners with or without vaginal intercourse. Clin. Anat. 26:134–152, 2013. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc."

"Even today, female sexuality is still mainly considered in terms of reproduction (the vagina is an internal and reproductive organ), instead of pleasure, and women have to reach orgasm during vaginal intercourse to be considered “true women,” however, the female orgasm is caused by female erectile organs (i.e., female penis) and not by the vagina (Masters and Johnson,1966; Hite,1981; Masters et al.,1988; Laqueur,1992; Puppo,2011a, 2011c)."

"Vaginal orgasm does not have any scientific basis and is a theory that was invented by Freud in 1905."

"The vagina does not have an anatomical structure that can cause an orgasm and up by now in anatomy textbooks the presence of vagus nerve terminations in the vagina and cervix has not been demonstrated."

 "Pastor (2010) concluded that the “Existence of a specific anatomical structure known as the G spot has not been proven by any relevant scientific studies” and Magnin (2010) thought “There is no anatomical, biological and physiological basis for the existence of G-spot.” Studies by Hines (2001) concluded with similar thoughts."

" The glans of the clitoris, as in the male, contains cavernous tissue and is in direct contact with the skin due to the absence of a tunica albuginea. The prepuce covers all or part of the glans, its size varies considerably, and is comparable to the foreskin of the penis; the prepuce is a specialized erogenous tissue in both males and females"

Quotes from: Vincenzo Puppo

Anatomy and physiology of the clitoris, vestibular bulbs, and labia minora with a review of the female orgasm and the prevention of female sexual dysfunction

Basically the quick  take away points from the review and from BBB should be this:

-A woman's clitoris, is the key to her pleasure aka orgasm.

-They talk about the G Spot being nonexistent. I believe that there is a little magic that can happen there, not on its own, in conjunction with clitoral stimulation etc...

-Women have only 1 type of orgasm, and it isn't achieved through intercourse alone.

-As we've been saying the female orgasm, isn't as elusive as we've been told that it is. We need to start speaking in a different language about it, so that women stop putting so much pressure on themselves, thinking that there is something wrong with them, if they haven't achieved orgasm from intercourse alone.

-The placement/size of a woman's clitoris has more to do with her ability to orgasm and just about all women have the ability to orgasm.

-Obviously the Review from the Journal of Clinical Anatomy, goes into more depth on the topic, it is complete with diagrams, give it a read or a look over.

What BBB has told you over the years about the female this a refresher...

A woman's orgasm is only as elusive as she allows it to be, here is why I say that. Women are the only mammal born with, one body part that's only job on her body is to give her pleasure, her clitoris. It's packed with about 8000 nerve endings, which is double the nerve endings in a penis.  Of course the fact that women can have multiple orgasms, should be factored into the equation also. For all these years women have been lead to believe that their orgasm, is a rarity, I think that there is something truly wrong in our thinking.  As a man, if you haven't been engaging your wife/girlfriends clitoris in EVERY sexual encounter, you need to change your focus for optimum pleasure for her. Women are like oven's, men are like microwaves, a woman has to preheat, which has to involve some sort of stimulation of her clitoris for her to achieve orgasm.  Oh,  did I mention, that a woman's orgasm tends to last twice as long as a man's!?

There is method too my madness, the more turned on that your woman is, the more blood flow to her vagina, just like a man's penis engorges, so does her vagina, increasing the size aka snugness. Win/win for everyone.  To reiterate, the size of a man's penis, has very little to do with a woman's pleasure, the key is in the preheat (foreplay)clitoral stimulation. Not every woman is the same on how, or the pressure that she likes to be touched with, just as all men aren't the same either. Figuring it out takes practice, trial and error, listening to what your woman is telling, watching how her body is reacting to you, is paramount.  Some women need constant clitoral stimulation, others need it in the foreplay. Again NEVER assume that you have every woman figured out, ask, ask and ask again, take her direction if she offers it up to you.

 It helps with the bonding, of the couple, it keeps 2 people connected and is the difference of 2 people just being roommates. It's the true barometer of our relationships, because to have an amazing love life, the other fundamentals of your relationship have to be working fully, communication, respect, trust and honesty. It's way beyond time that society changed how they view and speak about a woman's orgasm, let's get rid of the stigma and the mystery surrounding it, giving women a fighting chance. Making a woman's sexuality just as acceptable and significant as a man's. There is nothing wrong with women, like anything worthwhile, we just need to spend a little time, figuring out what rocks her world. You can't tell me with a body that is constructed as magnificently as a woman, that there is some mistake in the construction, or that we aren't supposed to find the pleasure in making love/sex. 

Above paragraphs have been taken from BBB "How Women Really Feel About Penis Size & What's Really Important To Her Pleasure" Here is the link to the complete article        

-To reiterate; The clitoris is the only body part, on either a man or a woman's body that its ONLY function is for pleasure.

-Most women don't orgasm from penetration alone, they NEED clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

-You can take a woman 3/4's of the way to orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and then change it up from there. If she still needs that extra push to get her over the edge, it can come from position, mouth or hand.

Here is the link for the entire article from BBB " Eating Her "BBB's Guide To Oral Sex (Explicit)"  

We also recommend taking a look at "What The Hell is, Down There?" 


Fake it Until You...NOT This Time Ladies!"